Health mind in a healthy body posted on 31 January 2024

There’s a saying in French that goes “un esprit saint dans un corps saint” which translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. I think the same goes for work and life: you can’t excel at your job if things aren’t going well in your personal life.

As we embark into 2024 and looking back at 2023 (aka pondering during holidays runs), the best thing I did isn’t a list of cool engineering achievements at Databricks (though there are) but rather the improvements in my personal life and how they better balances an exciting (but sometimes demanding) job.

I made more time to spend with my wife and kids – this isn’t necessarily about fancy trips or huge events (e.g. moving to Amsterdam), but more everyday’s life, e.g. dropping my daughter to school with my bike, going on lunch dates with my wife, going on runs, spending time with my sister etc.

I still have room for improvements and I’m excited to continue striving towards being a better husband, father and overall person in 2024.

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