You should be thoughtful when job hopping posted on 02 February 2024

To be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t change jobs, be loyal to your employer or some other nonsense – I’m saying you should be thoughtful when switching jobs or switching teams inside a FAANG/large company.

Building a system from scratch is “easy” but maintaining/evolving one is what’s actually difficult. If you launch a new service, get promoted for it and then leave, it’s not obvious to me that:

  • You know if your system was actually good and/or how to build a good one – it takes time to assert the quality of a system (e.g. is it flexible enough to accommodate changes in product/regulations, is it scalable enough to handle the increase of traffic, do new employees quickly ramp up on it etc.)
  • Your service is actually complete/fully rolled out – corners are often cut to reap early the benefits of a new system. These corners/edge cases are often the most difficult to implement/handle. This is the usual 80/20 rule where you can launch 80% of your service with 20% of the work – but the true/valuable experience comes from completing the remaining 80% of the work.

I personally learned more at Google in YouTube Ads through non glamorous multi-years long projects that I completed rather than the flashy ones that just took a quarter to launch. These long projects taught me how to better plan long-term roadmaps, use synergies between seemingly unrelated projects and expand my domain of expertise.

At the end of the day, this personal growth/experience is just one of the many aspects you should weigh when switching companies though it is often overlooked.

What are your thoughts/experiences on this topic?

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