Happy International Women's Day! posted on 08 March 2024

Today is International Women’s Day – this is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievement across the world, but also to consciously think about how we can achieve a better world, a gender equal one.

I’ll maybe slightly digress from my usual posts about growing as a software engineer, but first I’m wishing all the women out there an amazing day, filled with love, excitement and appreciation for everything you do.

I’ve grown a lot in both personally and professionally thanks to the amazing, fearless and aspiring women in my life. I was privileged to have such connections and I’m grateful for every one of them.

We all grew up in a society that comes with biases (against women but also many other stereotypes), and these biases still live in us. They are extremely hard but not impossible to remove as long as we try to do better and do our best to build a more inclusive society. Not only is this the right thing to do, it will help you grow as a person and/or as a software engineer – I professionally learned a lot from women who were amazing technical leads and/or experts in their respective fields. Don’t miss on an opportunity because you of some silly/old unconscious bias.

Last but not least, I hope that today’s celebration will continue for the rest of the year – that we will keep striving for women’s equality.

Note: It was so hard to get a non fully pink AI generated illustration – AI is really one field we must do better to fight biases

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