Plan something for tomorrow posted on 01 March 2024

Starting the day is often the most difficult part of the day (same goes for the beginning of the week). It is much easier to do so if you have something you have to do (and preferably want to do).

Practically speaking, two things worked out pretty for me:

  • Rather than working late to wrap up a PR, leave it for tomorrow – but make sure to leave clear TODOs on the next steps so you know where to resume
  • If you have completed the last task, spend a few minutes at the end of the day to plan something for tomorrow (e.g. writing a PR to solve a problem, reviewing a design doc etc.)

This not only helped me be more productive but also helped me stay motivated over a long period of time. You burn out when you regularly don’t feel like working but still push through – if you don’t have this initial lack of motivation, you won’t have to push hard.

Working sometimes feels similar as running to me – the first few minutes running can feel tough (especially if it’s cold outside), but once your body is warmed up and you reach a cruising pace, you get comfortable (both in your mind and your body).

What worked well for you to start your day and stay motivated? Share your tips/hacks in the comments

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