It’s OK to be rejected posted on 11 February 2024

When you get rejected by a company you’re genuinely interested in, it sucks, it’s a terrible feeling. If you are in this situation, I hope that you will be able to bounce back and that the following may help:

  • A lot of people got rejected by a lot of companies – and for example, I personally got rejected by Google on my first try but eventually got in later. Part of the interview process is about luck.
  • There are a lot of jobs out there with great people, good opportunities to grow, interesting products, challenging problems etc. – keep an open mind when looking at jobs opening, talking to recruiters etc. What would be best for you isn’t necessarily a FAANG company or what your friend/family think the most prestigious company is.
  • Once you get a job you like, all the rejections do not matter anymore. This is similar to an athlete winning a race – at that time, all the pain and suffering from the training and previous lost races don’t matter anymore.

Fun fact is that I applied to ~500 companies as a new grad :)

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