Today I biked to work posted on 09 April 2013

And I’m pretty happy about that.

Note: For those who don’t know, I’m living in San Francisco and working in Mountain View at RethinkDB, which is about 45 miles from my place.

It was my first time biking to work, and yesterday I was hesitating a bit because my legs were still a little tired from my trip on Sunday, but I do believe that I should enjoy life as much as I can so when I’ll be old, I would say “I had a good life, and I’m happy with what I did”. So in the end I just went for it, and I have to admit, it was awesome!

The first part about leaving San Francisco isn’t really nice, there are too many cars, but the rest is quite good, it was awesome to bike next to the bay with a nice Sun. I’ll definitely to do it again, and as soon as I will know what is the maximum pace I can sustain, I’ll join a group at sf2g.

TL;DR: I’m happy, I biked to work and it was awesome.