Consistency doesn’t have to be uniform posted on 01 May 2024

There are a lot of posts on social media saying that you need to consistently make efforts to progress. These are motivational talks that shouldn’t be followed to the letter: consistent and good efforts don’t have to be uniform.

You should try to build the discipline needed for you get better at whatever you care about, e.g.:

  • If you want to get a better at engineering, build the discipline to look back at your work every week
  • If you want to get in shape, build the discipline of regularly going to the gym
  • If you want to get better at playing music, build the discipline to regularly practice

With that being said, it’s OK sometimes to make smaller efforts because you had a rough night, because you have other obligations or because your head is somewhere else. What matters is to not lose track of your goal and keep the discipline you had built.

Your growth is the accumulation of all your efforts, what matters is that you keep making efforts rather than making every effort to be the same – this is how you can keep a balance in your life and more importantly not burn out/lose your discipline. This is true for becoming a better engineer but for everything in my life.

Take some rest when needed, and don’t forget to take time off from work too 😊

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