Lightdm on a specific monitor posted on 21 May 2016

I formatted my workstation yesterday to get rid of Windows for a few reasons:

  • The prompt for Windows 10 was too annoying and impossible to remove. Considering that installing Windows 10 would have blown my dual boot away, and that I would have to set up my dual boot again, I just went for removing Windows.
  • I do not use Photoshop anymore, and found that Krita works fine for me.

Anyway, tonight I was trying to get LightDM to show on my main monitor. I couldn’t figure out how to force it on a specific monitor, but found out that LightDM follows the mouse. So my solution was to add the following line in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf:

display-setup-script=xdotool mousemove --screen DVI-0 1280 720

And that did the trick.