Rethinkdbdash for Node.js 0.10.26 posted on 29 March 2014

I just released two packages of rethinkdbdash

  • rethinkdbdash for Node.js 0.10.26
  • rethinkdbdash-unstable for Node.js 0.11.10 (and 0.11.9)

I wrote rethinkdbdash two months ago to improve the syntax of ReQL in the Node.js driver by providing

  • promises (and testing them with generators)
  • a native/automatic connection pool

While you cannot use generators with the stable version of Node.js, the connection pool is a reason good enough to make this driver available for the stable Node.js. You basically never have to deal with connections.

For those who want to know what the syntax looks like, here it is:

var r = require('rethinkdbdash')();

r.table("comments").get("eef5fa0c").run().then(function(result) {
}).error(function(error) {

Compared to the one with the official driver:

var r = require('rethinkdb');

r.connect({}, function(error, connection) {
    r.table("comments").get("eef5fa0c").run(function(error, result) {
        if (err) {
        else {

Note: If you were using rethinkdbdash with Node 0.11.10, please switch to rethinkdbdash-unstable.