Pandora on leapcast posted on 15 December 2013

I looked for a way to start/control Pandora on my desktop computer from my phone.

Googling around I found about Pianobar and Pianobar Remote.

Pianobar Remote sends commands to Pianobar via ssh, so it requires some credentials to ssh in your machine. I am somehow not a big fan of granting an app access to my computer, especially when it is not open source, so Pianobar/Pianobar Remote was not a viable setup for me.

I then found about Leapcast, a ChromeCast emulation app. However Leapcast does not support Pandora.

I hacked my way around and now it works enough for me to start/switch music from my couch while sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book.

What’s working now:

  • Start/stop Pandora
  • Play, skip, vote

What doesn’t work:

  • Sound control

I also added a little thing to make Leapcast discoverable for only a set of ips. That’s useful if you have roomates that love pranks :)

See the pull request for more info.
Edit: Pull request merged :)

I also wrote a little file for systemd.
Content of /usr/lib/systemd/system/leapcast.service:

#  This file is for leapcast.

Description=Start leapcast

ExecStart=/usr/bin/leapcast --chrome /usr/bin/chromium --name Gratin --ips,


Then run

sudo systemctl enable leapcast