Building RethinkDB on a Raspberry Pi posted on 06 December 2013

It took 3 whole days, but I did build RethinkDB on my Raspberry Pi, and it’s working!

All the praise should go to @davidthomas426 who submitted a pull request for RethinkDB to support ARM.

Here is what I have done to build RethinkDB on a Raspberry Pi.
A few things about these instructions:

  • There may be a few quirks as I wrote them after building RethinkDB.
  • They are slightly different than what you can find on RethinkDB’s website since the branch I used was based on 1.10.

I built RethinkDB on Archlinux Arm.
Building RethinkDB requires more than 500MB of RAM, so you have to create a swap partition. I used a 2GB swap, a smaller swap may work (I would say 1GB is enough), but I haven’t tried it.

Install some dependencies.

sudo pacman -S make gcc protobuf boost python2 gperftools nodejs base-devel python2-pip

Make python2 the default python.

sudo rm /bin/python
sudo ln -s /bin/python2 /usr/python

Install pyyaml.

sudo pip2 install pyyaml

Install v8 from AUR.

yaourt -S v8

Clone the source

git clone
cd rethinkdb
git checkout davidthomas426_277_arm_support

Run configure

./configure --dynamic tcmalloc_minimal

I also changed the swappiness to 10 - I’m not sure how useful it is though.

sudo sysctl vm.swappiness=10

You have to build with DEBUG=1 to avoid this bug (it will be fixed in 1.12)

make DEBUG=1

You may see warnings like note: the mangling of 'va_list' has changed in GCC 4.4. You can just ignore those.

After about 3 days, you can start RethinkDB with

./rethinkdb -c 1 -no-direct-io

If you are looking for the binary, it’s available here

I will try to spend some time creating a branch based on next that supports ARM and build again.