Microsoft sculpt, first impressions posted on 30 November 2013

I just got the Microsoft Keyboard Sculpt. Here are my first impressions/thoughts.

First, it works well with Linux, at least Archlinux. It starts working as soon as I plugged the dongle in my computer. It also works with Windows 8, but I guess we all knew that.

Compared to the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (that I use at work):

  • The sculpt looks way better.
  • It’s less noisy that the Natural Ergonomic 4000.
  • As a programmer that almost never use the numeric pad, being able to move it on the side is really cool.
  • It’s light, compact, thin and easy to carry around (the magnets are strong enough to hold the plastic riser when the keyboard is lifted.

I read reviews that the fn keys were hard to press. Well, they are indeed smaller, but they are not hard to hit at all.

For the rest, it seems as confortable as the 4000 - but I haven’t spent enough time with it yet.