Thinky v0.2.15 - But what is it? posted on 08 September 2013

I just updated thinky with dates and just thought that it would be nice to jump on the occasion to talk a little about this project.

What is it?

Thinky is a JavaScript ORM for RethinkDB.

Other JavaScript ORM

As far as I know there is just one other JavaScript ORM for RethinkDB, which is a plugin for jugglingdb named jugglingdb-rethink. The goal of jugglingdb is to provide an ORM with one syntax that would work on many databases, including MySQL, Redis, MongoDB etc.

I tend to think that ReQL has a really great API - but that may be my biased point of view. Anyway, I would rather not use an API that uses JSON to represent relations like in or logic operators like and. Thinky aims to provide an API as nice as the official Node driver.

So what is in the box?

Thinky aims to stick close to the official node driver. A few differences are:

  • You can set default values when creating an object (including functions that would be called when the object is being created), so if you want to store the date at which an object is created, you can use this schema

      var Cat = thinky.createModel('Cat',
              name: String,
              createdAt: {_type: Date, default: function() { return new Date() }}
      var kitty = new Cat({
          name: "Kitty"
      // kitty will have a field `createdAt`.
  • You can pass the callback directly to the last method instead of using the run command. So these two syntax are the same

      Cat.get('3851d8b4-5358-43f2-ba23-f4d481358901', callback);
  • You can define methods on your schemas, making your code look more like a object oriented program.

      var Cat = thinky.createModel('Cat', { name: String }); 
      Cat.define('sayHello', function() { console.log("Hello, I'm " });
      var kitty = new Cat({ name: "Kitty" });
  • Because you define schemas and relations, doing a JOIN operation is as simple as calling the getJoin method.

      Cat = thinky.createModel('Cat', {id: String, name: String});
      Task = thinky.createModel('Task', {id: String, task: String, catId: String});
      Cat.hasMany(Task, 'tasks', {leftKey: 'id', rightKey: 'catId'});
      Cat.get( 'b7588193-7fb7-42da-8ee3-897392df3738').getJoin( function(err, result) {
          // Returns a cat with its tasks

Note: Some limitations exists about getJoin now and should be solved once the proposal described here will be implemented.

Awesome, how do I get it?

There is an npm package, just run

npm install thinky

And you should be all set.

Nice, how can I help?

Any bug reports, suggestions, pull requests (code or docs) are more than welcome!