Moving my blog to Github posted on 06 September 2013

I have decided to move my blog from my personal server to Github.

A few reasons behind this move

  • I have a hard time writing things without vim
  • Pushing on Github has become easier than using Wordpress
  • Upating Wordpress is kind of annoying
  • The syntax highlighting works
  • Posts should be cleaner
  • I can use my server for other purposes
  • Etc.

It is basically just going to make my life easier.

I was also bored of the previous design, so I just made a new one (even though I am not sure we can call this a “design”)

While moving some old posts, I have also found a few interesting things that I have not published yet and may release:

  • A look at my studies - and how useful (or not) they are
  • A system to do distributed computating in browsers