Windows not found by os-prober posted on 04 July 2023

I recently bought a new computer (a Lenovo IdeaCentre G5 in case someone is curious). When installing archlinux (in dual boot), I couldn’t get os-prober to detect Windows even though I could see all the Windows file in /boot/EFI/....

I eventually just manually added a grub entry

menuentry 'Window' {
	search.fs_uuid <UUID>
	chainloader /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi

Where you can get the UUID of your /boot partition with blkid. Interesting enough if you put the wrong uuid, grub will complain but will still boot Windows.

Lenovo duet review posted on 18 June 2020

I recently bought a Lenovo duet because I wanted a secure tablet.

There are many reviews about the Duet and the TL;DR is that this a cheap device (300 USD) with an amazing price to value ratio. That being said, I wanted to talk a bit more about the ChromeOS experience on a tablet.

It is great.

As the world is moving to mobile first, sometimes browsers are being ignored. ChromeOS let’s you install/use any Android App, meaning that you are likely always going to have the app you care about. On the other hand, if there is no Android app (or if you cannot use it), you can just create a shortcut on Chrome that feels like an app. On my end there are two use cases that I really enjoy:

  • I can use the Nanit android app to keep an eye on my daughter while she’s sleeping
  • I can create a WhatsApp shortcut (feels like an app) such that I can use WhatsApp on whatever device I currently have opened.

The device is not as fast/sharp as my phone (Pixel 3 XL) but it’s fast enought that I have never feel hindered when playing games, watching movies or just browsing the internet.

Ah ! Vous dirai-je maman posted on 11 July 2019

One of the famous French children song goes like this:

Ah ! Vous dirai-je maman
Ce qui cause mon tourment?
Papa veut que je raisonne
Comme une grande personne
Moi je dis que les bonbons
Valent mieux que la raison.

The version that I remember from my youth is slightly different. One of my preschool teacher (Roselyne) taught this version such that we could sing it at home for Mother’s day. Since I couldn’t find it on the Internet, I thought it would be interesting to write it down for future generations.

Ah ! Vous dirai-je maman
Ce que je t'aime tendrement
Les bonbons et les images
Mais aussi les grand tapages
Mais c'est encore bien plus doux
D'être assis sur vos genoux

Photos for French passport in the US posted on 26 January 2018

Just a quick post in case you are looking to take pictures in the USA that meet the requirements for French passports. You can simply go to Walgreen. Their software can select the requirements to meet for a French passport photo - and from what I saw, many more countries were available.

As far as I was told (after calling them), UPS and Fedex cannot take photos that match non US requirements.

Coute version française:

Vous pouvez faire des photos d’identité pour refaire un passport framçais à Walgreen. De ce que j’ai vu, ils peuvent faire des photos pour de nombreux pays. UPS et Fedex ne peuvent pas faire de photos aux normes françaises.